cannot kill Xvnc process manually, won't open .pid HELP

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Fri Jan 11 12:32:01 2008


The message in question normally indicates that there is no .pid file for
the desktop you're telling "vncserver" to kill - this might mean that the
desktop you're trying to kill is already gone, or is owned by a different
user, for example.

Wez @ RealVNC Ltd

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> Subject: cannot kill Xvnc process manually, won't open .pid HELP
> I am running vnc on a Mac.
> When I try to kill my Xvnc process it gives me this message:
> Can't find file /home/(...) .vnc/ You'll have to 
> kill the Xvnc process manually
> I tried different postings' suggestions, but the message 
> continues to be that the .pid cannot be opened, and now I 
> feel totally confused...
> help anyone?
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