VNC and Dyndns

steve menard edranem "at"
Mon Feb 11 23:37:01 2008

Yes it Depends on your hardware firewall
letting something out
I Can't get a login using


Connection Refused at port 5950



 It is showing me MY SCREEN !!!!!

WHAT The Heck is going on?
OK I have just recently turned on  IPv6 on my ubuntu....
so maybe I'll blame it on that ;-)

so your firewall on your PC is blocking?
Antivirus also blocks vnc  norton mcafee kaspersky comodo zonealarm


Mark Warren wrote:
> HI,
> I am totally new to this so please be gentle !!
> I am just doing some testing on behalf of a friend of mine who wants to be
> able to control his work PC from home.  I am doing OK up to now.
> My question/problem is this:
> I have two PCs at home I am doing my testing on.  I have setup VNC
> Enterprise (trial version) on both machines.  I have also set up a dynamic
> DNS via
> On my laptop I have set up the VNC server and when I hover over the icon on
> the toolbar it says which is obviously my internal IP address.
> I can connect from my desktop using the VNC viewer and entering
> However, if I type in my dynamic DNS e.g. billsmith "at" I cannot
> connect to my laptop.  Is this because both of the PCs are behind my router
> a Netgear DG834G Version 3.  I am sure I have opened the necessary ports
> 5900 and 5800 (also 5950  and 5850 which is how I set up the server on my
> laptop).
> Any advise would be really appreciated.  This seems an amazing product,
> especially for the cost, and means I don't have to upgrade my friends PCs to
> XP Pro J
> Regards
> Mark
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