Obtaining screenshots

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Thanks for the clarification.

To wit, I have had machines with either an old version of Real VNC or not
having the setting of "send special keys . . ." selected.  The time I found
this out by working on machines that are failing or having some type of
critical problem.  Funny, but the BIOS on some of these "beige boxes" that
are older and have flakey behavior, I have often wondered if that is/was
part of the problem with the print screen thing.

The OSK option has helped time and time again, and it has never been a
problem with any of the afore mentioned situations I stated above.  As a
self-employed person, time is everything to me.  Fooling with a options on a
machine that is flaky is pointless, so "go with what I know will work the
first time" is a matter of choice.

Good options presented by others.  I did not know about some of those
options.  Love Real VNC, and the Real VNC forum.


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On Wed, 21 Mar 2007, James Weatherall wrote:

>> Depends on the version of VNC, I think when using the print scrn 
>> button. I notice when we moved from 3.7X to 4.X the regular print 
>> scrn did not work from that machine to my machine. I had to copy the 
>> image local to the PC I am connecting to.
> You just need to disable "Send special keys directly to server" in the 
> VNC Viewer options if you want PrintScreen to be processed by the 
> viewer computer rather than the server.

Thanks for this clarifiction.  I have used Alt-PrintScreen for years and was
not aware of this issue because I never had the viewer configured to "Send
special keys directly to server."  When I do configure it that way, and am
running Xvnc on a Linux box, it allows me to save a .png of the active
window to a .png file on the server.  Good to know.

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