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James Weatherall jnw "at"
Wed Jan 31 12:22:23 2007


You hadn't mentioned wi-fi before, had you?  When you say "my other VNC
connection, on my local WiFi network", do you actually mean "a connection
from one computer on my Local Area Network to another, both of which are
connected to the same WiFi router?"

We have had reports of unexpected connection aborts when connecting to/from
WiFi-connected systems to systems that are on wired networks (or via wired
networks) - it seems that either Microsoft's TCP stack, or common
wired-to-wireless router technology, is broken, but it's hard to say which
is at fault.  In these situations we find that the "Rate-limit mouse move
events" works around the problem.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> hello
> Here is one more info on this problem.
> I just set up another remote VNC connection between my PC 
> with a another PC
> (different from the one I usually connect to) with this 
> result (so far):
> - the connection is alive after more than an hour (while my 
> usual remote VNC
> connection does not last more than 15-30 min.)
> - the transmission speed is around 500 kbit/s, rather slow 
> compared to my usual
> remote connection (around 750 kbit/s)
> - this PC = Linux, link = ADSL (Freebox + router)
> As a reminder, my other VNC connection, on my local WiFi 
> network, keeps running
> with absolutely no trouble at all, at a speed = 1,5 mbit/s.
> Francois
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