Print screen dose not work on RealVNC window.

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Wed Feb 7 14:24:01 2007

Hi Alan,

In current versions of VNC Viewer for Windows, special keys such as the
Windows keys, Alt-Tab & PrintScreen are passed to the server computer.  To
disable this, simply go to the Inputs tab and un-tick "Pass special keys
directly to server".


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> Subject: Print screen dose not work on RealVNC window.
> On my tablet I can do a print screen to paste into a document via
> Ctrl+Fn+PrtScr this works fine.
> A refinement in windows is to select an active window on screen and do
> Ctrl+Fn+Alt+Prt Scr and it will enable a paste of the selected active
> window.
> If the selected active window is a realVNC 4.1.2 window 
> however it will
> not paste the content of the active window on the paste function.
> Our earlier versions of WinVNC did do this successfully.
> Help please.
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