vncviewer.class not found // Server on Vista

Austin Barrett xechorizo "at"
Tue Aug 14 17:18:01 2007

I'm running RealVNC Enterprise on Vista.  I can connect to my own server via
localhost with both web and thick clients.  I can also connect to the server
on the thick client on another machine.  The problem happens on external
connections via Java.

My IP resolves and I pull a Java screen, both running Standard Edition 6.
Only issue is that the download bar never moves from the start, and after
about 30 seconds I get the red X at the top left of the box.

Looking at the console logs shows many errors stating (Unknown Source) at
the end of the line, and the phrase "vncviewer.class not found" at the

Like I said it works just fine when I use the Java viewer on the same
machine, but on trying two external, non LAN machines so far, one XP and
another Vista machine, both exhibit this strange behavior.  Any help?