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Shobuz99 shobuz99 "at" yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 20:14:01 2005

Well, I don't have an IT dept.. Actually, I guess I
would be the IT dept <smile>, because I'm the
webmaster for the web site of this non-profit
organization. There are just two computers here in the
office and they were setup and connected to the router
about 3 or 4 years ago. Nothing was written down that
I know of, as far as pw or id. I hope the person that
I contact (who setup the router) can remember what
they did! 
If I wanted to reset the router (linksys BEFSR81), as
you suggest, would that procedure be in the router
I have the manual. 
Would I need to setup the 2 computers all over again,
from scratch? 
I don't have any other ideas..
Thanks for your replies and help

--- John Aldrich <JAldrich "at" covista.com> wrote:

> You should definitely check with your IT department,
> if such exists. If not,
> see if you can locate the person who originally set
> up the router. If all
> else fails, you should be able to reset it back to
> the factory specs,
> including the default username and password.
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> Well.. I tried your suggestion. I used the address
> that you suggested and sure enough, a login screen
> appeared. I left the ID blank and used - admin - for
> the password. it would not let me in. It told me
> that
> '401 Authorization Required' "This server could not
> verify that you are authorized to access. Either you
> supplied the wrong credentials(e.g., bad password),
> or
> your browser doesn't understand how to supply the
> credentials required." 
> Since this is the office machine, it's entirely
> possible that whomever set up the router, actually
> created a password to get into the router config. If
> that's not teh reason, what else could it be? This
> has
> become very interesting to me.
> Thanks for your help
> Shobuz99
> >You can get to the router config page by using your
> web >browser. Since 
> >you probably have never gone to it before put
> > in the 
> >browser and hit enter it will then ask you for a
> user
> name and 
> >password, 
> >leave the user name blank and just put admin in as
> password. >This should get you into the router
> config
> main page. I have >never installed any of 
> >the software that comes with cable modems or
> routers
> for home >use so im not sure if there is another way
> to get to the >configuration page other 
> >then pointing a web browser at the routers IP. Once
> you are in >the config page go to applications and
> gaming and you should be >on the port forwarding
> page.. GOOD LUCK =)
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