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John Aldrich JAldrich "at" covista.com
Wed Nov 30 18:27:02 2005

You should definitely check with your IT department, if such exists. If not,
see if you can locate the person who originally set up the router. If all
else fails, you should be able to reset it back to the factory specs,
including the default username and password.

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Well.. I tried your suggestion. I used the address
that you suggested and sure enough, a login screen
appeared. I left the ID blank and used - admin - for
the password. it would not let me in. It told me that
'401 Authorization Required' "This server could not
verify that you are authorized to access. Either you
supplied the wrong credentials(e.g., bad password), or
your browser doesn't understand how to supply the
credentials required." 
Since this is the office machine, it's entirely
possible that whomever set up the router, actually
created a password to get into the router config. If
that's not teh reason, what else could it be? This has
become very interesting to me.
Thanks for your help

>You can get to the router config page by using your
web >browser. Since 
>you probably have never gone to it before put
> in the 
>browser and hit enter it will then ask you for a user
name and 
>leave the user name blank and just put admin in as
password. >This should get you into the router config
main page. I have >never installed any of 
>the software that comes with cable modems or routers
for home >use so im not sure if there is another way
to get to the >configuration page other 
>then pointing a web browser at the routers IP. Once
you are in >the config page go to applications and
gaming and you should be >on the port forwarding
page.. GOOD LUCK =)

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