XP connect problem, through internet only.

John Aldrich JAldrich "at" covista.com
Wed Nov 30 15:37:03 2005

Is the XP box on a wireless connection? If so, try moving it to a wired
connection and see if you still have that problem. There are a number of
anecdotal reports that many wireless routers refuse to route VNC over the
wireless, at least from the internet, where they will work fine from the
LAN. If that doesn't fix it, get back to us here on the list and maybe
someone else will have a suggestion. If it *does* fix the problem, I would
suggest calling Linksys and chewing them out for breaking this. Also, you
may want to check to make sure that if you have Microsoft Antispyware, that
you have created an exception for VNC.

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  I'm running into a very unusual problem here and I'm hoping someone may
have a solution.
  My setup:
  I'm running 2 computers, one with WinXP Pro and one with Win2K.  They both
have the vncserver running.  WinXP is configured with port 5900 and Win2K is
configured with 8080.
  Internally each machine can connect to the other with no problem
  I have a DSL internet connection with a Linksys WRT54G v5 router.  Latest
firmware.  In the port forwarding I have port 5900 forwarded to
(the XP box) and 8080 forwarded to (the 2K box.)  When I
connect to these machines from the internet, the 2K machine connects fine
but I get the "unable to connect to host: Connection times out (10060)"
error message.
  Once I am connected to the 2K machine I can then connect to the XP machine
(internally over my LAN) and it works fine, so I know the XP server is
  I have swapped the ports used on each machine and redirected the port
forwarding in the router, but it made no difference.
  It seems that something on my XP box is blocking the communication, but
only from the internet, not from the local LAN.  The XP firewall is disabled
and I am not running any 3rd party firewall that could be stopping this.
  I also checked www.gotomyvnc.com and all ports indicating not responding.
  Any help would be appriciated,

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