Speed issues

Benjamin Jitima ben "at" foodfairmk.com
Wed Nov 30 14:43:00 2005



We have recently installed a new Windows 2003 server at one of our
locations.  It was created from an image of another 2003 server that is
currently in production.  We installed VNC free edition on the servers, both
after the image was created.  We have since added a third server to another
location.  The first and third locations run VNC very smoothly with no speed
problems.  The second server has VNC running very slowly, both internally
and remotely.  We have a gigabit network, so there should be no problem
internally whatsoever.  Internally we have connected to the server from a
workstation and to the workstation from the server to test the speed.  When
we connected to the workstation from the server, it was extremely fast.
However, when we connect to the server from the workstation, it runs
extremely slow, both for the person at the workstation and the person
monitoring the server.  Like I said, we have not seemed to have this problem
with any other server in production.  We tried reinstalling VNC as well as
updating the NIC drivers in the server.  We changed the VNC settings so that
all of the wallpaper and effects were removed and we changed the color from
32 bit to 16 bit, which helps it very slightly, although it is still not
very good.  We can use remote desktop to connect to the server without any
problems whatsoever, so it looks like it is localized to VNC.  Does anyone
have any further suggestions as to what we can try to fix our speed





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