10053 and 10060 errors/ Zone Alarm firewall WAS attached.

tbcbbq tbcbbq "at" yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 12:39:01 2005

Hey all,
  All I need to know is how to fix a 10053 error (read: connection reset).  We recently installed the free trial version of zone alarm pro and gave the Server full access rights.  I just deleted the crap out of the free zone alarm, cleaned the registry, uninstalled and reinstalled vnc. Now I am getting connection timed out errors (10060) and I know from all the stuff I went through to get this to work that a 10060 error means basically that the server pc is turned off (I had him leave it on) or either a router or software firewall is blocking the connection.  Correct??
  I would rather get this fixed Without having to drive up to the Lake and wipe his machine clean and reinstall all the software.   I am getting lazy, Thank God, and I want to do this the quick and easy way and not my normal way.
  Thanks for reading this, hope you ate too much for Thanksgiving too...

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