unable to connect to host: Connection timed out (10060)

Brent Allen beallen "at" rogers.com
Tue Nov 29 03:08:00 2005

Some additional information.  I've seen some other posts suggesting I try
telneting to the server.  I get no response when I try to telnet 'server' 5900
so I guess my server is not listening.  But I don't know why.  There is
nothing between the two computers except an ethernet switch.


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Subject: unable to connect to host: Connection timed out (10060)

I'm trying vnc for the first time.

Client and server are both inside my home network, behind a firewall.  Each is
running Windows XP Home.  Each computer can ping the other.

>From the server, I can "Add Client" and specify the IP address of my client
computer and the connection works.

However, I cannot establish the connect from the client computer.

Can anyone help?