Windows VNC viewer and local application hot keys

Matt Campbell mattcampbell "at"
Mon Nov 28 22:48:00 2005

Hello all,

I noticed that in VNC 4.1.1, the Windows viewer has the option to 
disable special Windows keys while in the viewer's main window.  These 
keys include the Windows key, Alt+[Shift+]Tab, and a few others.  But 
this option doesn't cover any application-defined shortcut keys which 
may exist on the client machine.  For example, suppose that on both the 
client and server machines, Control+Alt+F starts an application.  If I 
press Control+Alt+F while in the viewer, I want that keystroke to go to 
the server.

I see that a low-level keyboard hook is used to disable special Windows 
keys.  I wonder why the hook procedure only sends certain keystrokes 
directly to the viewer's desktop window, instead of sending them all. 
I'm guessing there's a reason, but if only certain keystrokes are 
filtered, then I don't know of a way to make sure that all 
application-defined global hot keys are sent to the server.  Any thoughts?