VNC Java Viewer Applet

Matthew Boehm mboehm "at"
Sun Nov 27 18:54:01 2005

Found something interesting. If I tell the applet to connect to the remote
server immediately (last line in the init()), it works fine.

But the behavior we are looking for is for init() to finish then simply wait
for the user to press 'connect'. Pressing 'connect' does the same thing as
the last line in init() above. Could this be a thread-security issue?


> From: Matthew Boehm <mboehm "at">
> Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 11:10:05 -0600
> To: "B. Scott Smith" <scott "at">
> Cc: <vnc-list "at">
> Subject: Re: VNC Java Viewer Applet
>> the user should have received a security dialogue
>> requesting permissions for the applet.
>     The box that appears seems not for the applet but for the certificate
> itself. It asks 'Do you want to trust the code from 'Matthew Boehm' signed
> by 'Thawte'?
>     I always click on 'Always Trust' but still cannot create sockets. Is
> this the right dialog box?
>> Do you know what Java plugin version you are using?
>     1.4.2
> Thanks,
> Matthew
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