VNC Java Viewer Applet

Matthew Boehm mboehm "at"
Sun Nov 27 09:11:01 2005

This is more of a java related question than anything so if anyone knows of
a better list/form to post to, please pass along.

I've compiled the Java VNC Viewer applet and rolled it into a jar and signed
the jar with an authentic cert from Thawte.

The jar lives on server X. I'm trying to make a VNC connection to server Y.
I am not allowed to do this for some reason. I keep getting a
SecurityPermission exception when creating the socket.

I've read that applets can't normally connect to any server except the
server the jar came from. But in this case, the jar is signed. Its authentic
code. Why won't it allow me to connect?

Is there some way to "ask" the user for permission to connect to a different