Cable modem connection

B. Scott Smith scott "at"
Sun Nov 27 02:00:49 2005

Yes, opening up ports 5800 & 5900 will do the trick.
They can go to to get their "real" IP address.

Dermie wrote:

>I am the unofficial IT person for my parent's
>computer.  We live a half hour apart, so I use VNC to
>do minor work to their computer from my house. 
>Currently they have dialup and connection is fairly
>easy since I have taught them to provide me with their
>current IP address using ipconfig.  
>They are preparing to upgrade to a cable connection
>and have a Linksys router for their firewall.  I've
>been reading here that I can open ports 5800 & 5900
>and I will still be able to connect to their computer
>from here.  Is that all I need to do to the router or
>is there more?
>What is an easy way to get them to provide me with
>their IP address and not their LAN address?  I tried
>ipconfig on mine and it doesn't tell me my true
>internet ip.  If they run their VNC server (I have it
>run on startup) ... can they hold their mouse over the
>logo to get it, or will it show LAN?
>Any other suggestions would be appreciated!!
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