Using VNC on Linux

Paulo paulo "at"
Sun Nov 27 02:00:01 2005

Em Sabado 26 Novembro 2005 20:10, o Marc Chamberlin wrote:
> Hi - Newcomer here and apologizes in advance if this has been asked
> before... Tried a search of the archives but perhaps I wasnt using good
> keywords....
> I want to be able to help my Dad remotely using VNC but we have a
> difficulty that I am not sure how to solve... His computer is located on
> a cable modem and uses a DHCP server to assign him a dynamic IP address.
> I have a static IP address. We use to solve this problem under Windows
> by my setting up a listening VNC viewer and then he could connect to it
> using my static IP address, reversing the normal connection process.
I would be much easier if u install a free dinamic dns client on your dad 
machine then you could call it by the name instead of ip address,and since 
your dad pc is on a dinamic ip address the client running on his pc notify 
the master dns servers for the ip change and in a matter of minutes is wide 
spreaded in the web,this way you could just run the viewer in your 
pc,linux,windows,mac....etc by:

Just check one of the best in free dinamic dns client.
Register and add a host to your account then in your dad computer you install 
a client(check it in downloads section) configure the client with the email 
used to register to no-ip services and your password and thats it....check 
config to run as a service to run at boot time....

> I am trying to figure out how to do this under Linux now. Can someone
> provide me with a cookbook approach, simple instructions? Searching the
> archives and documentation I believe I do a vncviewer -listen :1 on my
> system ( or something similar) and my Dad would do a vncconnect
> myIPaddress:1 ???? Is that correct? If so, the rpm package for the free
> version of RealVNC did not supply an executable for vncconnect... It
> vncconnect part of the Enterprise version of RealVNC? (I didnt see a
> personal version of RealVNC for Linux, is there one?) I am more that
> willing to purchase the Enterprise version if I must in order to get
> this to work....
> Thanks in advance....   Marc...

Seems a bit tricky this way...