Cable modem connection

Dermie dermie24 "at"
Sun Nov 27 01:39:01 2005

I am the unofficial IT person for my parent's
computer.  We live a half hour apart, so I use VNC to
do minor work to their computer from my house. 
Currently they have dialup and connection is fairly
easy since I have taught them to provide me with their
current IP address using ipconfig.  

They are preparing to upgrade to a cable connection
and have a Linksys router for their firewall.  I've
been reading here that I can open ports 5800 & 5900
and I will still be able to connect to their computer
from here.  Is that all I need to do to the router or
is there more?

What is an easy way to get them to provide me with
their IP address and not their LAN address?  I tried
ipconfig on mine and it doesn't tell me my true
internet ip.  If they run their VNC server (I have it
run on startup) ... can they hold their mouse over the
logo to get it, or will it show LAN?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!!


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