Using VNC on Linux

Marc Chamberlin marcc "at"
Sat Nov 26 20:12:00 2005

Hi - Newcomer here and apologizes in advance if this has been asked 
before... Tried a search of the archives but perhaps I wasnt using good 

I want to be able to help my Dad remotely using VNC but we have a 
difficulty that I am not sure how to solve... His computer is located on 
a cable modem and uses a DHCP server to assign him a dynamic IP address. 
I have a static IP address. We use to solve this problem under Windows 
by my setting up a listening VNC viewer and then he could connect to it 
using my static IP address, reversing the normal connection process.

I am trying to figure out how to do this under Linux now. Can someone 
provide me with a cookbook approach, simple instructions? Searching the 
archives and documentation I believe I do a vncviewer -listen :1 on my 
system ( or something similar) and my Dad would do a vncconnect  
myIPaddress:1 ???? Is that correct? If so, the rpm package for the free 
version of RealVNC did not supply an executable for vncconnect... It 
vncconnect part of the Enterprise version of RealVNC? (I didnt see a 
personal version of RealVNC for Linux, is there one?) I am more that 
willing to purchase the Enterprise version if I must in order to get 
this to work....

Thanks in advance....   Marc...