Connect through a linksys router

Mike Miller mbmiller "at"
Sat Nov 26 17:15:01 2005

On Sat, 26 Nov 2005, Shobuz99 wrote:

> Although not a total newbie to VNC (used since 1998); I am new to 
> connecting to a VNC server through a router and am not quite sure I 
> understand the process.
> For example, I run VNC (3.3.7) server on my office machine, that is 
> connected to a router. The IP address says (fictional) 
> when I pass the mouse over the VNC icon. I use on the 
> server and it tells me the IP is (fictional) When I go home 
> at night, and try to connect through my browser and using either IP 
> address and port 5800 or 5900, it will not connect. It times out.
> After reading several posts I believe I understand that I need to 
> 'foreward' an IP address in the linksys router ap that is running on my 
> office machine..correct? If so, which IP do I forward? The 
> or the

We have similar backgrounds:  I also have used VNC since 1998 (Solaris, 
mostly), and I also had some problems figuring this out.  The answer is 
that you tell the router to forward traffic for port 5900 (and for port 
5800 if you want to be able to use the http java applet) to your local IP 
which is  The IP is really the IP of the 
router.  So, once configured correctly, when the router sees, it will send that to, and you're in!

If you need to have more than one VNC computer running behind the router, 
you have to use different VNC ports for the different machines.

Good luck.


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