Connect through a linksys router

Shobuz99 shobuz99 "at"
Sat Nov 26 16:18:01 2005

Although not a total newbie to VNC (used since 1998);
I am new to connecting to a VNC server through a
and am not quite sure I understand the process.

For example, I run VNC (3.3.7) server  on my office
that is connected to a router. The IP address says (fictional)
when I pass the mouse over the VNC icon.
I use on the server and it tells me the
IP is (fictional)
When I go home at night, and try to connect through my
browser and using
either IP address and port 5800 or 5900, it will not
connect. It times out.

After reading several posts I believe I understand
that I need to 'foreward'
an IP address in the linksys router ap that is running
on my office machine..correct?
If so, which IP do I forward? The or the

Both machines are windows based (XP Pro and XP Home)
Both machines use cable modems and the addresses are
not really static,
but pretty much stay the same until I decide to
'refersh' the modem manually.
I subscribe to VNC digests and read them every day.
Thank you for the help

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