RES: VNC on dialup

Toninho Feitosa_Neto_A_R "at"
Fri Nov 25 01:59:01 2005


On really slow connections, you can also unplug the mouse or at least
turn it upside down :). It may sound weird but can help you get the job
done faster...
Also be sure to disable wallpaper and background patterns. Use a pure
black background instead, during the remote session. It also helps to
disable all visual effects, like the Windows XP animated menus. Also
disable the screen saver.
Also if you use Windows record the most used programs in the Start | Run
list, so you do not need to navigate down the menus to activate the
anti-virus, or run some utility...

I remember years ago using dial up lines at 300/1200 bps to access the
corporate mainframe... Today we complain about not having true color on
vnc displays... Times changhed indeed.