VNC on dialup

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Thu Nov 24 17:12:00 2005


Try enabling "Pointer event rate limiting" in the VNC Viewer's options.
This reduces the rate at which pointer events are sent to the server, which
is important when using exceptionally slow connections because the pointer
events' TCP acknowledgement traffic can actually become sufficient to block
out real data from the server!

Connection reset by peer means that the remote end (or something in between
client and server) closed the connection.  It doesn't necessarily indicate a
timeout.  It's worth checking that the server isn't reporting the same
message - if it is then the problem is with something between the viewer &
server, not with the viewer or server themselves.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> My parents computer is on dialup still and they live 3000 
> miles away from me.
> I am trying to use VNC to connect to the computer I can 
> connect fine but I
> will get "Read: Error connection Reset by peer  (10054)
> I know I can connect fine to this computer using Windows 
> Terminal Services.
> but wanted to try VNC so they could see what I was doing on 
> the screen so I
> could show them how to do somethings.
> I do not expect the dialup to connection to be fast but it 
> would be nice to
> actually stay connected. I can get a few lines on the screen 
> then it drops
> Any ideas anyone? I have raised the time out up pretty high
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