Copy & Paste Linux Mozilla<-->Windows weirdness

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Thu Nov 24 17:01:01 2005


This is a bug in Mozilla (and so also in Galeon, etc).  Mozilla fails to
re-claim the clipboard and/or selection whenever it changes, so other
applications have no way of knowing that it's changed unless they repeatedly
poll the clipboard.

vncconfig provides the "-poll" option to work around X applications that are
broken in this way, allowing you to specify a frequency at which the
clipboard & selection should be polled for changes.

Feel free to report this bug to the Mozilla folks.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> Subject: Copy & Paste Linux Mozilla<-->Windows weirdness
> In case someone uses VNC to access Linux from Windows, and 
> has installed
> Mozilla on 
> the Linux machine (preferably version 1.4.2, but maybe the same effect
> occurs with
> other Mozilla versions too), could you please verify the following odd
> behaviour?
> In Mozilla, mark some text, select "Copy" from the context 
> menu. Then go
> to Windows
> and paste it to some application, such as Notepad. This should work as
> expected.
> Then go back to Mozilla, mark some other text, select "Copy". When I
> paste this
> new text into Windows, I get the first, old text, pasted (i.e. VNC did
> not update
> the Windows clipboard).
> Note that I can paste the text from Mozilla to, say, a xterm 
> within the
> VNC session.
> This means that the text was indeed copied into the X 
> Clipboard, but VNC
> failed to
> sync it with the Windows clipboard.
> To reproduce the behaviour, it is important to copy to the clipboard
> both times from
> Mozilla. In contrast, the following would NOT show the erroneous
> behaviour:
> 1. Copy some text A from Mozilla, paste into Windows Notepad
> 2. Copy some other text B from xterm (or Konqueror, or Nedit,...), and
> paste into Windows Notepad.
> 3. Copy aome more text from Mozilla, and paste into Notepad
> In this case, Notepad would receive all three texts (ABC) as it should
> be. But if you leave
> out  step 2, Notepad would not contain the texts AB, but instead AA.
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