Copy & Paste Linux Mozilla<-->Windows weirdness

Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 "at"
Thu Nov 24 13:23:00 2005

In case someone uses VNC to access Linux from Windows, and has installed
Mozilla on 
the Linux machine (preferably version 1.4.2, but maybe the same effect
occurs with
other Mozilla versions too), could you please verify the following odd

In Mozilla, mark some text, select "Copy" from the context menu. Then go
to Windows
and paste it to some application, such as Notepad. This should work as

Then go back to Mozilla, mark some other text, select "Copy". When I
paste this
new text into Windows, I get the first, old text, pasted (i.e. VNC did
not update
the Windows clipboard).

Note that I can paste the text from Mozilla to, say, a xterm within the
VNC session.
This means that the text was indeed copied into the X Clipboard, but VNC
failed to
sync it with the Windows clipboard.

To reproduce the behaviour, it is important to copy to the clipboard
both times from
Mozilla. In contrast, the following would NOT show the erroneous

1. Copy some text A from Mozilla, paste into Windows Notepad
2. Copy some other text B from xterm (or Konqueror, or Nedit,...), and
paste into Windows Notepad.
3. Copy aome more text from Mozilla, and paste into Notepad

In this case, Notepad would receive all three texts (ABC) as it should
be. But if you leave
out  step 2, Notepad would not contain the texts AB, but instead AA.

Ronald Fischer (phone +49-89-63676431) "at"