no windows at all - even no password window

Michael Stoll vmike "at"
Wed Nov 23 22:27:00 2005

I have the following problem, that might not be related to
x(tight)vncviewer, but it's the only program where it manifests itself:

When x(tight)vncviewer is started without options, it is supposed to open a
small window where the address of the vnc server can be entered. After that,
another small window should open to input the password.

These small windows do not open in my Debian unstable installation. I also
have Debian Sarge, and the current Ubuntu running. In these distros, the
small windows do appear.

The program itself seems to be running. If I enter the host name on the
command line, I get prompted for a password on stdin. The program aborts if
a wrong password is entered - meaning, a connection has been established,
but without any windows, it defeats the purpose of this program.

What could prevent x(tight)vncviewer to open even a small input window?

The desktop BTW is Gnome (and I think it says "metacity" on start-up), the
program has been installed via apt-get.

There is nothing in ~/.vnc/ and there is no /etc/vnc

Thanks for any hints


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