copy and paste between windows and linux

Alex Pelts alexp "at"
Wed Nov 23 15:25:20 2005

Copy/paste is a server/client settings. Both must be set to cooperate. 
There is also appication dependendency as not every X app can take 
things from clipboard.

What application are you using, that fails to receive data?


Felix Steffenhagen wrote:
> Hello @all,
> I have a problem with the RealVNC enterprise server 4.1.8, running on
> a Redhat Linux
> machine. Any attempts to Cut/Copy/Paste from a windows or linux vncviewer client
> to the server and vice versa fails. In the xstartup file is an entry
> for vncconfig and
> the Cut/Copy/Paste stuff should work on default.
> Does anyone have a clue what the reason for that could be?
> Perhaps I should add the information that the Server starts a gnome session, but
> I tested it using KDE too, without positve results.
> With a windows VNC server i don't have any problems (even from linux) with it.
> thanks in advance,
> Felix Steffenhagen
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