How to hide vnc icon

John Aldrich JAldrich "at"
Wed Nov 23 13:57:00 2005

Most people who are techy enough to know to go into regedit aren't the ones
who are going to be closing VNC. It's probably the ones who AREN'T as techy
who are going to close VNC. It's "security by obscurity" all over again. 

If you make it difficult enough for people to close the server, most people
aren't going to bother, IMNSHO. :-)

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> How about setting permissions on the 
> related registry keys?  You can specify only a certain group 
> (excluding
> Administrators) to modify those keys.  That controls things 
> much tighter
> than the built-in VNC restrictions.

Except that Administrators can just take ownership and override the
permissions you specified. :)


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