Unable to connect to host (10065)

Francesco Regis francescoregis "at" yahoo.com
Wed Nov 23 00:06:00 2005

Dear all,

I created virtual Mac on my old laptop PC (Pentium II
- 366 on Windows 98SE) using Virtual VNC through a
Wi-Fi connected to my Mac (iMac G5 - 2Mhz - OsX
Tiger). When it works*, it is brillian even better
than what were my expectations as I can do pretty much
everything my Mac does at remote distance using my
laptop. At the moment for example I am writing this
e-mail from my PC which is in a different room than my
Mac which is the machine which is actually working.

* However, I still get problems because the whole
thing do not always work. Often, when I try to connect
to my Mac remotely from my PC, I get the error

Unable to connect to host (10065)

Because sometime works and some other not, everything
looks like is set up correctly and the wireless card
has a good reception. Therefore I cannot understand
why I get this error message and this is what at the
moment I am trying to work out. Do you have any

Many thanks and regards,


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