How to hide vnc icon

Erik Soderquist esoderquist "at"
Tue Nov 22 15:44:01 2005

also, for those concerned with killing the process from taskmanager,
this is what we use here: RealVNC is set as a service, AllowShutdown and
per user options are disabled in the registry, on the recovery tab we
have it set to run a program every service crash (task kill shows up as
a service crash) that emails the IT department and restarts the service.
I've debated about having it automatically connect a session to every
machine in the IT department after recovering from an unexpected crash
so we can look and see if the user is repeatedly killing the process,
but as of yet have not had any cause to do so.

--- erik

ps: I've included the script that is run

--- begin emailerror.cmd ---

set debug=false
set svc=%2
set svc3=%3
set svc4=%4
set svc5=%5
set svc6=%6
set svc7=%7
set svc8=%8
set svc9=%9
if %debug% == true pause
for %%v in ( %svc3% %svc4% %svc5% %svc6% %svc7% %svc8% %svc9%  ) do (
 if not "%%v" == "" set svc=%svc% %%v
if %debug% == true pause
set count=%1
set mainops=-s mcs-email -t it "at" -f %computername%@mcsi.corp -h -c
if %debug% == true echo variable svc = %svc% >c:\debug.txt
if %debug% == true echo variable count = %count% >>c:\debug.txt
if %debug% == true echo variable mainops = %mainops% >>c:\debug.txt
if %debug% == true echo variable tmp = %tmp% >>c:\debug.txt
if %debug% == true echo variable time = %date% >>c:\debug.txt
if %debug% == true echo variable date = %time% >>c:\debug.txt
rem if %debug% == true pause

echo %svc% service crashed at %date% %time%>"%tmp%\report.txt"
echo the crash count is %count%>>"%tmp%\report.txt"
echo attempting to restart...>>"%tmp%\report.txt"
sleep 1
net start "%svc%">>"%tmp%\report.txt" 2>&1

bmail.exe %mainops% -a "%svc% service crash report" -d -m

--- end emailerror.cmd ---

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the RealVNC distribution will not allow you to hide the icon at all.
period, end of discussion.

I believe that you can configure RealVNC to disallow shutting down the
server, or disallow the icon's context menu all together, as I know this
has come up before (*many* times) in previous discussions.

--- erik

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Hi all,

I would like if is possible to hide vnc server icon on taskbar???

I need this because anibody are shutdowning vnc server!!


Marcelo Oliveira
51 592-3153
51 9116-5695
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