Connection closes through window moving

Wolfram Oldörp W.Oldoerp "at"
Tue Nov 22 07:54:01 2005

Hi list,

I am using free 4.1.1 version.
My viewer is on Windows XP SP2 conecting via Windows Small Businesserver 2003
(Portforwarding enabled in RAS) with DSL.
VNC Server is running on XP SP2 connecting direkt to internet with ISDN.

Using this configuration to monitor actions on host and giving hints to the
user by telephone or in some cases show how to use the application.
If all works fine, enterprise Version shall be purchased.

The connection closes unexpected sometimes. It is reanebled imediately, (IP
did not change).
Specialy it closes:
When I move an application window on the host in a way that a part of the
window leaves the visible screen,
my viever frozens and some seconds later connection closes.
(The application is a Access runtimeapp.)

In configuration of VNC defaults are used.

Any idears, where to tune VNC?


Wolfram Oldvrp