How to hide vnc icon

David Rogoff david "at"
Tue Nov 22 05:00:01 2005

Jerry Westrick wrote:
> On Monday 21 November 2005 20:42, Marcelo Oliveira wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I would like if is possible to hide vnc server icon on taskbar???
> >
> > I need this because anibody are shutdowning vnc server!!
> Marcelo:
> This has been discussed many times on this, and other lists.  The answer is 
> not only no, but NO.  The people who wrote/write the software fear it's 
> misuse (if that was allowed), more than any benefit they feel you can get 
> from such an option.  
> You have 3 solutions:
> If your need is only to stop anybody from stopping the service, then you can 
> achieve that while leaving the icon in the taskbar.  
> If you still require to have the Icon removed, then you need to use on the 
> other variants of vnc, which have such an option...
Such as  UltraVNC (, which has an option 
to disable the tray icon.


p.s. - why don't messages on this list have some kind of identifier in 
the subject line (e.g. [VNC-LIST]) like every other list I'm on.  It 
would make it much easier to see the list messages.