How does it work?

Hal Vaughan hal "at"
Mon Nov 21 19:19:02 2005

On Monday 21 November 2005 01:33 pm, Karen Malpass wrote:
> Can it really be as simple as the web page describes????  Can we really
> access our server - modify the files - and save them on the server - from
> home- using this simple software?

Yes, it is REALLY that simple.  I'm using the free version of RealVNC (in some 
cases with TightVNC, which seems to use better compression for a faster 
response) to work with my clients.  When a client has a problem, they run the 
RealVNC (or TightVNC) server, specify my internet address as a client, and 
suddenly I have a window open on my desktop that shows me their desktop.  
Anything I could do if I were there is possible (except I'd lose the 
connection if I rebooted or logged out).  I've found that when I'm working 
with clients, I can often reduce what used to be 45-60 minute sessions to 5 
minutes or less because of this.

There are only two issues I think could effect performance: there is a delay 
in actions, due to the transmission time over the internet, and the desktop 
displayed on the remote system is limited in colors (for speed of display).  
The delay is not too bad, but I have gotten in the habit of right clicking on 
an icon and picking 'open' from the menu that provides instead of double 
clicking to open folders and files, since I can't always see immediately if a 
double click as registered.

For me, RealVNC has been a major lifesaver, giving me a lot more productivity 
time and eliminating the need for onsite service (which could be a pain, 
since most of my clients are out of town).  Even though I'm using the free 
version, once I system reaches the next level (in a month or two), and I have 
more income, I will be contributing to them for the work they've done.