troublesome 'connection refused'

Geof Gibson geofgibson "at"
Wed Nov 16 19:40:02 2005

I have an existing VNC installation running on a Xandros 2 (Debian 2.4.24-x1 
kernel) system, working perfectly using inetd.
I am trying to set up another server in the building.  This machine runs 
Xandros 3 (Debian 2.6.9-x1).  I have set up the second machine to VNC on 
different ports from the first one.  I can spawn a VNC session by typing the  
"vncserver" command.  I can connect to that server with no problem.
The trouble starts when I try to use the inetd method.  Here are the relevant 
lines from /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf:

vnc-640x480x8 stream tcp nowait remote-desktop /usr/X11R6/bin/Xvnc Xvnc -inetd 
-query localhost -once  securitytypes=none -geometry 640x480 -depth 8

vnc-640x480x8 5910/tcp

When I try to connect, I get the 'connection refused (111)' error.  What is 
very frustrating is that this is almost exactly the same setup as the machine 
which is working.  The port numbers are obviously different.  This is 
happening whichever side of the router I am on.  I have the forwarding in the 
router set up properly, but this still happens from server to server on the 
inside of the LAN.  There is a user named "remote-desktop" that has been set 
up as well.

I'm sure there is something really simple that I am missing (or not).  Any 
troubleshooting guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Geof Gibson