Firewall Blocking Outbound From Server?

Hal Vaughan hal "at"
Wed Nov 16 17:05:01 2005

I have a client who cannot connect to me using RealVNC (both client & server 
on Linux).  We've tried this from his office and his Father's office, nearby.  
I'm running vncviewer:

vncviewer -listen

on my system, with my firewall set to forward port 5500 to my workstation, and 
it forwards port 80 to port 5500 on my workstation as well (I leave these 
ports closed unless I'm working with a client).  On his system he's run 
vncserver and it is using display :1, so he uses this command line:

vncconfig -display :1 -connect

When I do this from inside my LAN, specifically connecting to, so the connection is routed to my external IP and through 
my firewall, it works fine.  When my friend does it, nothing happens and he 
gets no connection.   I figured his firewall may be blocking outbound 
connections, so I had him try:

vncconfig -display :1 -connect

to send the connection through port 80.  If he tries to read a web page on my 
address, I see it on my firewall, but when he tries this, I see nothing.

Is there any way to make the connection look like an HTTP connection (other 
than using port 80)?

And, while I'm at it, instead of using an entire new post, I don't see 
anything in vncconfig that shuts down a server.  I have to specifically kill 
the server, then delete the lockfile.  Isn't there an easier way to do this?