Windows2000@STRATUS ftServer crash!

Okubo Ken SE5K-OOKB "at"
Wed Nov 16 04:53:01 2005

Hardware: STRATUS ftServer3300
OS: Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4 and all recent security patches
Software: Oracle 9i
          BackupExec for Windows 9.1
          Real VNC server version 4
          Tivoli Endpoint

I am administrating the above server. I used to logon the server by VNC for checking.
It happens 3 times that during my logon (or while logoff), suddenly the server rebooted abnormally.
When we have sent log files to STRATUS, they said that there is no memory dump due to STOP error code 0xc000021a, and could not find out the cause of crush.
I have searched Microsoft TechNet and found some ways to troubleshoot above problems.
But it didn't work.
I found in the archive of this mailing list that some problems of Video driver or NIC driver might cause Windows BSOD.
Since ftServer uses Virtual driver, it may be the reason.
Is there anyone who have clear idea about this issue?

Many thanks

Ken Okubo
se5k-ookb "at"