Multiple Sessions open in one window

Steve Bostedor Steveb "at"
Tue Nov 15 21:17:01 2005

There are a couple commercial products that launch VNC sessions in
thumbnail view and allow you to tile them.  The one at is the least expensive ($40) and has been in the
VNC arena the longest.

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   I  would  like  to know if it's possible to have multiple VNC
   open -
   all in one window - or on the screen.
   I  know  that  you  can  log in to various sessions at the same time
   however I don't want to minimize one window and open another.  I
   like to be able to see
   multiple  sessions  all  open  at  the  same time on the screen in
   window - and then be able to choose which one I want to go into.
   This  would  be  useful  if  I  wanted  to  monitor updates on
   desktops  visually  so that I can see which one has finished and
   some attention etc...
   Does realvnc allow for this to happen?

   Please let me know at your earliest convenience.
   Thanks very much.

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