UltraVNC, file transfer, encryption, and tray icon

Mike Miller mbmiller "at" taxa.epi.umn.edu
Tue Nov 15 19:20:03 2005

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005, Steve Bostedor wrote:

> Take your pick between TightVNC(http://www.tightvnc.com) and UltraVNC
> (http://www.ultraVNC.com)
> They are both great VNC servers.  UltraVNC supports encryption while 
> TightVNC doesn't, but other than that, I believe they're very 
> comparable.

I'm trying to use UltraVNC right now.  I just installed it yesterday. 
The "Enable File Transfer" option shown here...


...and in my downloaded docs does not appear on my UltraVNC default 
settings window (version 1.0.1) and file transfers are disallowed.  How do 
I turn on file transfer?

To use encryption it looks like I need a DSM plugin (data stream 
modification plugin), but I don't have any available and I don't see an 
instruction on how to make one available.  (On installation, I chose to 
install everything.)  I would have thought the default would be to use 
some kind of encryption.

I expect to see an UltraVNC service icon in my system tray, but I don't 
see one even though the service is running.

Am I missing something?  It seems like I am missing some key features (all 
the ones that led me to UltraVNC instead of RealVNC) and I must have done 
something wrong in installation/configuration, but I can't see what that 
is.  I ran the Ultr "at" VNC 1.0.1 setup downloaded from this site: