making connection despite cable modem and Linksys router

Mike Miller mbmiller "at"
Tue Nov 15 14:59:02 2005

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005, James Weatherall wrote:

> Have you configured your router to forward port 5800 to your VNC Server 
> computer?
> Please note that port 5800 is normally used only to serve the Java VNC 
> Viewer, and you'll need to additionally forward port 5900 in order to 
> actually connect via VNC.
> Please see for further information.

Thanks.  My problem was that I had to enter the configuration setup at and change settings under the Applications and Games 
tab to allow 5800 and 5900.  My router was stuck somehow and wouldn't 
allow an http connection for the reconfiguration until I reset the router 
(hold in reset button on the back for 5+ seconds).  It's a LinkSys WRT54g.