problems with "" and "x0vncserver"

Edward Ando wellconnected "at"
Tue Nov 15 00:47:01 2005

Right, well, recent development,
I am writing this over VNC, but it is still not acceptable; I am using 
which has suddeny started working, but as you all know it makes the CPUusage
go up to 100%,  ands it isn't that useful.
I have been trying to load the "" module (both 4.0 and 4.1.1), and 
when I
try to connect from another machine, be it vncviews, krdc, or vnc from a 
machine, I get the login prompt, but when I put my password in I get a black 
and the machine that is serving crashes, and doesn't respond to the keyboard

Please help!

Edward Ando