[VNC] RE: Screen artifacts...

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley "at" pcraft.com
Mon Nov 14 20:40:02 2005

Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:

> James Weatherall wrote:
>> 3.  Which brand of graphics card are you using, and are you sure you 
>> have
>> the latest XFree86/Xorg drivers for it?
>    It's on-board video, based on the Intel i815 Chipset.  Whether I 
> actually have the latest drivers, I don't know.  This is a freshly 
> installed machine with all the updates applied. 

    Actually, now that I looked around a bit, it appears the only driver 
for this chipset is the i810, which is what it on the system.  It looks 
to have been provided by xorg-x11-6.8.2-37.FC4.49.2

    Not sure if this tells you anything...

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