Viewer not updating the display

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Mon Nov 14 18:11:01 2005


What sorts of application are you having problems getting updates from?

What kind of network is there between server and viewer?

Which Capture Method does your VNC Server have configured?

Is your server a 32-bit or 64-bit system?


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> Subject: Viewer not updating the display
> Having problems with VNC 4.1.1 viewer (WinXP).
> The viewer is not updating the display.  When I move
> the mouse around, the vnc client display is frozen,
> but when I look over at the server's screen I can see
> the mouse mouse pointer moving around and windows
> popping up, etc.    Anyone got the same problem??? 
> I'm running WinXP on both client and server.  Never
> had this problem with VNC 3.3.7.
> Thanks,
> Adnan Khan
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