Session without typing password?

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Mon Nov 14 16:40:01 2005


Please note that, from your previous mails, you appear to be using a rather
old VNC 4.0 release - you probably want to upgrade your viewer, at least, to
VNC 4.1.1.

We have not had any problems with saving .vnc files with VNC 4.1.1 reported.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> > From that menu, choose Options.  In the options screen, click on the
> > Load/Save tab.  From there, you can save your connection info 
> > to a file
> > and then double-click on that file from there on.
> This does not work: When I double click on that file, I get 
> the message
> "Failed to get server address. Did you type the host name correctly?"
> My colleagues who also use VNC confirmed that they knew this 
> problem of
> VNC, and that they get the same error message, and they can't start
> VNCviewer using such a saved option file....
> Ronald
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