Loading configuration file (was: Session without typing password?)

Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 mn-pg-p-e-b-consultant-3.com "at" siemens.com
Mon Nov 14 15:28:43 2005

> That's interesting.  I experienced that once also, but I figured out
> that .vnc was registered to my UltraVNC vncviewer.exe and not the
> RealVNC version 4 viewer.exe.  Try right-clicking the .vnc 
> file that you
> created and choose top "Open With".  Browse for the vncviewer.exe that
> exists with the version 4 of the server and tell it to open with that.

I have in that directory two files. One is tightvncviewer.exe, and with
I get the aforementioned error message. The other one is vncviewer.exe,
with it I get a different error message: "unable to resolve host by

Though the wording is different, I reckon that they both mean the same.