making connection despite cable modem and Linksys router

Mike Miller mbmiller "at"
Mon Nov 14 15:15:01 2005

On Sat, 12 Nov 2005, Mike Miller wrote:

> I know this has to be a FAQ that has been asked a million times but 30 
> minutes of searching did not get me an answer so I'm hoping one of you 
> can direct me to the web page that explains this.
> I installed Enterprise VNC server on my PC and had this problem.  Now 
> I'm using Ultr "at" VNC server and having the same problem.  The problem is 
> that I cannot connect to the PC.  I cannot ping it, but traceroute from 
> outside the network finds it OK.

I had to go into the router configuration and allow port 5900 and port 
5800.  But the web interface for configuration wasn't working and I had to 
reset the router to make the web interface work.