Loading configuration file (was: Session without typing password?)

Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 mn-pg-p-e-b-consultant-3.com "at" siemens.com
Mon Nov 14 15:13:01 2005

> Hmm... no, to the best of my knowledge, that shouldn't be a 
> problem. I'm not
> sure what the problem would be... since that appears to be a "live" IP
> address (externally resolveable, that is)  do you have a 
> firewall / router
> between your workstation and the server? Can you PING that 
> host by IP? 

Yes, I can.
> If
> you can ping it by IP,  then you should have no problems 
> reaching it with
> VNC by IP.

Oh, I can reach the VNC server - this is no problem. I just can't reach
by starting the config file.

If I just start the vncviewer and type in the password (the IP address
was memorized
from the last invocation, so I don't have to type it again), I am

It is just that it is inconvenient to always type the password. I have
to terminate
and restart the vncviewer often, because it looses the ability to
synchronize the
Windows clipboard from the X clipboard from time to time. Restarting the
remedies this situation, and I have to ususally do this between 2 and 5
times per 
working day.