Session without typing password?

Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 "at"
Mon Nov 14 13:54:01 2005

> it can be done if you set empty password in the VNC server 
> properties. 

How can this be done? I've checked the documentation at,
but there is nothing mentioned about setting the server properties.

> But
> this is a huge security hole. 

I guess the security hole is that anyone who has access to the LAN and
know the IP address and port number, can also get access to my session,
right? If this is the only security risk, I can live with it, because
all those people are co-developers, who would have access to the same
accounts anyway.

> It's also possible to pass password to a vncviewer.exe using /password
> command-line switch.

I've checked the documentation about vncviewer here. It does not mention
a /password
command-line switch. Could you tell me where you find it documented?

However, there seems to be a swith -passwd. The documentation at says:

-passwd password-file 
If you are on a filesystem which gives you access to the password file
used by the server, you can specify it here to avoid typing it in. It
will usually be "~/.vnc/passwd".

Unfortunately I don't have access from the Windows machine, where
vncviewer runs, to the file system,
where the password file is stored.

Of course I could copy the password file to my Windows machine every
time I change the password (which
won't happen often anyway)...


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> > Is it possible to use VNC without requiring me to manually 
> > enter a password everytime I start vncviewer?
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