Session without typing password?

Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 "at"
Mon Nov 14 13:43:01 2005

> You could save the session settings to a .VNC file.  When you're in a
> session, right-click the title bar and choose to do so from 
> the context
> menu.

You mean: The title bar of VNC Viewer? There is no menu entry to save
the session settings.
The menu entries - aside from the usual Windows menu entries such as
"resize" and "close"

  Full Screen
  Send F8
  Send Ctrl-Alt-Del
  Refresh Screen
  New Connection...
  Connection Info...

Under Options, there is a Tab "Defaults", with button "Save As Defaults"
and "Save Configuration File to...",
but nothing related to saving the session settings.

Could it be that you are refering to a different menu?


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> Is it possible to use VNC without requiring me to manually enter a
> password everytime I start vncviewer?
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