Need help with TightVNC

Ceri Hankey ccah "at"
Sun Nov 13 12:22:01 2005

   I  have  almost  the  same  set up at home. VNC will NOT enable you to
   transfer files between your two systems.
   I use kbear (ftp provided by kde) to do file transfers between systems
   and,  sometimes,  samba  (since  I  also  have  a windows system in my
   you say...
   I do not understad networking, I simply don't get it. 
   Does  this  mean that your two systems are NOT communicating with each
   or is it just the networking applics that are not working?
   Ceri Hankey
   Don wrote:

     I'm Don, a retired disabled senior.
     All  I want to do is move files back and forth between a laptop and
     a pc.
     The PC is 2ghz, 1g ram, Mandriva 2005 LE.
     The laptop is 1.7ghz, 512g ram, Mandriva 2005 LE.
     ADSL with a router with 4 connections.
     TightVNC  came  with  Mandriva  so  that  is what I'm trying to get
     I  need  someone  willing  to lead me by the hand step by step from
     start to finish.
     I did this, did that, read this, read that, hostname, address --
     I do not understad networking, I simply don't get it.
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