vnc client SendFramebufferUpdateRequest problem

Shiva G shivagunasekaran "at"
Fri Nov 11 13:52:00 2005

Hi all,
I'm a newbee to vnc. i'm trying to customize VNC client (which came as a
application in microwindows) for embedded application.
My requirement is to keep the vnc client in loop with the vnc server (i dont
want the the viewer to reproduce the screen in client ,as the hardware wont
support that.
But my problem is well before that, when the viewr gives a
SendFramebufferUpdateRequest, he is not at all getting any response (even a
success or failure return) and the vncviewer closes the connection with the
server. The following is my output

*root:~> vnc <>
After ConnectToRFBServer
vnc: VNC server supports protocol version 3.8 (viewer 3.3)*

*shiva:writing in server*

*shiva:after writing j=12*

*shiva:success writing 12
vnc: No authentication needed*

*shiva:writing in server*

*shiva:after writing j=1*

*shiva:success writing 1
After WriteExact
After ReadExact 1 sock = 3
After malloc sock = 3 desktopname = 3e47bc0 n = 15
After ReadExact 2
vnc: Desktop name "m"
vnc: Connected to VNC server, using protocol version 3.3
vnc: VNC server default format:
16 bits per pixel.
Least significant byte first in each pixel.
True colour: max red 31 green 63 blue 31
shift red 11 green 5 blue 0
After InitialiseRFBConnection*

*After CreateXWindow*

*shiva:writing in server*

*shiva:after writing j=20*

*shiva:success writing 20*

*shiva:writing in server*

*shiva:after writing j=20*

*shiva:success writing 20
After SetFormatAndEncodings*

*shiva:values X=0 Y=0 W=1024 H=768*

*shiva:SendFramebufferUpdateRequest to server-entering*

*shiva:writing in server*


and connection ends here.

can anybody help me in this issue plz

Thanks and regards

shiva g